Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's time right?

My son needs a haircut - has for a LONG time now.  My lovey insists on taking him for his first cut, wants to take him to the same place his dad took him for his first cut.  I get that - really I do I'm all about family traditions.  But he REALLY NEEDS TO GO!!!  

I've been threatening for weeks to start giving him a pony-tail if he didn't take him, yesterday I finally did.  And what did he say when he got home?  "Cute!  we should leave it like that!"  Not the reaction I was hoping for.

Here's a few pictures.  Tell me can I get away with leaving the little pony-tail in?  I think he still looks boy enough even with it!


Anabelle said...

You make really beautiful babies...and he is far to pretty of a boy to wear a pony... yup, he looks like a girl even with the boy clothes haha


Stacia said...

HA! I can't believe Chuck wants to keep the pony tail. That's too funny. I agree with Anabelle, John is too pretty to wear a pony. So when does he get it chopped off? It's longer than Willow's hair!

Monica LeMoine said...

I personally like the pony tail fountain-on-top-of-head look. Makes your kid look like a little long haired poodle. And isn't that the look we're all going for?