Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's double the laughter and double the grins, and double the love when you're blessed with twins!!

The title might be a bit misleading because I'm going to go off on a totally different topic - kind of :)  Here's my PSA on what not to say to a mother with twins.

"Are they twins?" - when you see a mum with two babies, approximately the same size and appear to be the same age you can be pretty sure they are twins.  The correct question would be "how old are they?" that way if they are twins mum will answer "10 months" if they are not she will tell you their individual ages instead, and using your powers of deduction you can figure out if they are twins.

"Did you have help?" - as in reproductive help.  This is not a question you should ask a stranger, or a family member for that matter.  If you are stupid enough to ask this question don't be surprised if the mum replies "do you use pads or tampons?", it's just as personal and rude.

"Are they identical?" - this is only stupid if you have already been told they are opposite sex.  For the record the word identical means exactly the same - if they are of opposite sex they are not exactly the same.  But if you are stupid enough to ask this don't be surprised if mum replies "no, he has a penis". 

"Double Trouble!" - OK this isn't a question, but still something you shouldn't say.  First of all although yes it's "trouble" to have two babies at once, most of us are very happy with them - especially if the mum would have answered "yes" to the "did you have help" question.  Second when the kids are old enough to understand do you really think they are going to constantly hear that they are "trouble"?  Oh and another thing - you're not clever, we've heard it a million times!

Can you tell I ventured out with them yesterday :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wow - I'm glad my grandfather's not around!

The first thing I thought today when McCain chose his running mate was "I'm glad Pepe's not around to see this!"  

Now I'm not saying he was a classic bigot or anything, but he was born in a different time and I have a feeling if he had to choose between a black man and a white woman he would have just stayed home.

Me on the other hand, I think it's a brilliant move by the McCain camp!  I'm not saying I agree with it, but it's a brilliant move.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

York Beach, ME

Every year for about 100 years my grandparents went to The Anchorage Inn in York Beach, ME.  I have lots of memories and a few pictures - I clearly remember taking the one of all of us at dinner one year when I was about 13, I stood behind Uncle Rock with the biggest grin.  
15 years or so ago my grandparents started purchasing a gift certificate for 2 nights and dinner for 2 for my mum and *step*dad for Christmas each year, a few years back my mum also started getting Chuck and I one for Christmas.  
My grandparents are gone now, but my mum has still been getting Chuck and I the gift certificate for our Christmas gift.  It's fun to go back each year, we've missed a few years but try to go when we can.  
We usually go in mid-fall because it's cheaper and less busy, however this year we decided to go in late summer instead and it was a blast!  Lorelei loved the beach, she kept yelling at the water "Back wa-wa, don't get me!!!" and chasing the seagulls - which she called ducks.  Sadie and John didn't get as much time on the beach since they can't seem to keep it out of their mouths - but they did enjoy it from the safety of the pen on a blanket.
I can't wait to go again - getting pictures of the kids in the same places year after year has already been fun for me, and it's only been one year!  There is a picture of Lorelei standing on a rock in the slide show - I'm pretty sure I have a picture of me on this same rock, I'll go check my old photo albums and post a picture of a picture if I can find it.  I just love creating traditions and making memories.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I recently "met" a new blog friend through the blog-vine (basically a friend of a friend of a friend type of relationship only in blog land as opposed to IRL *that would be In Real Life*). Her name is Monica and you can find her here.  She's a KuKd X2 survivor with a great sense of humor and an outlook on life I can't imagine holding onto after what she's been through.  
I left a comment the other day on an article she blogged about regarding people without children being happier.  She commented back on my comment and asked what I should be called since I'm a KuKd-er but I also now have kids.  I was going to respond back KuKdKo(ut) but stopped myself because I thought maybe that would hurt her feelings.  Who am I to joke about being Knocked Out when I'm the lucky one who's got the kids now.  Instead I didn't respond.
It got me thinking - do I really belong in the same group of KuKd-ers that don't have kids?  While I did go through my own losses and they were the most difficult things I've experienced, they really don't compare with some of the other women I know, and I'm fortunate enough to have my kids now and will never have to wonder what it would have been like to never have them.  On the other hand I believe when women go through a loss they have a greater respect for each other and I have a feeling everyone is welcome.  
We all see things differently and can't walk in others shoes I guess.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

remodel finished

With the exception of picking out new decorative items and towels the bathroom remodel is completed!  We started this back in April and anticipated it would take about a week - hehehe!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back for more

I'm going to try this blogging thing again - I'm a sucker for punishment and just love when I don't accomplish what I set out to do!

Here's a few slideshows to get you going - I completely ripped off this idea from my friend Ann and give her total credit!