Monday, August 25, 2008


I recently "met" a new blog friend through the blog-vine (basically a friend of a friend of a friend type of relationship only in blog land as opposed to IRL *that would be In Real Life*). Her name is Monica and you can find her here.  She's a KuKd X2 survivor with a great sense of humor and an outlook on life I can't imagine holding onto after what she's been through.  
I left a comment the other day on an article she blogged about regarding people without children being happier.  She commented back on my comment and asked what I should be called since I'm a KuKd-er but I also now have kids.  I was going to respond back KuKdKo(ut) but stopped myself because I thought maybe that would hurt her feelings.  Who am I to joke about being Knocked Out when I'm the lucky one who's got the kids now.  Instead I didn't respond.
It got me thinking - do I really belong in the same group of KuKd-ers that don't have kids?  While I did go through my own losses and they were the most difficult things I've experienced, they really don't compare with some of the other women I know, and I'm fortunate enough to have my kids now and will never have to wonder what it would have been like to never have them.  On the other hand I believe when women go through a loss they have a greater respect for each other and I have a feeling everyone is welcome.  
We all see things differently and can't walk in others shoes I guess.

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Monica LeMoine said...

Hee hee! I love blogs because they're a perfect place to think yourself into circles. There's always room for all the jokes in the world - as a friend of mine puts it, KuKd is a rich subject that has yet to be sufficiently mined for laughs - so have at it. Anyone who can't laugh about KuKd probably isn't reading a Kukd blog, ya know. All who can stomach it are welcome to shoot the sh*t about dead babies. So bring it on, FullTimeMumma!