Thursday, May 28, 2009

Letter(s) of the week - P,Q,R

While I've fallen behind in the updates, we have in fact been working on our Letter of the Week projects! We are having so much fun outside that the actual letter is the only project we've been doing - by the time we finish an get back to "A" it will probably be winter again so we can add more in then, for now we are loving the outsid weather! (except today as it's pouring again!)

"P" is for Pizza!
This was my favorite - anc believe it or not it was MY idea! And if that wasn't cool enough, I shared it with the writer of the blog where I borrow my ideas and she enjoyed it - so much that the next time she does "P" she'll be using my idea! Cool! This was a great one for Lorelei because she loves to use her scissors but can't realy cut things out yet. With this she was able to cut out the "cheese" "green pepers" and "onions" all by herself - although she was a little concerned that the onions would sting her eyes :) I also snuck in a color lesson by having her add in the "ingredients" by color rather than name.

All hail the "Q"ueen!
Sadie and John got back into the action for "Q" week - and what a great job they both did! Sadie amazed me by putting the little jewels on the crown all by herself - and she didn't even eat any (until later when she found one on the floor). Lorelei drew her own face this time and was so proud of herself!

Rainy day "R"ainbow!
I had two ideas to choose from for "R" week - we went with a "R"ainbow since it was such a yucky rainy day yesterday. Lorelei did wonderful! I was amazed how quickly she picked up the pattern and put each strip on perfectly! Sadie tried to put them down the "right way" at first buy ended up ripping them all off later. John had no concept of the pattern and just smashed them on - perfectly of course!

We had a great time with these letters and can't wait for next week's "S" - we have so many to choose from!!

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Katherine Marie! said...

I LOVE LOVE your PIZZA creation... too cute for words!