Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Letter(s) of the week - W, X, Y, Z

Well we'e come to the end of the alphabet! We started this project almost a year ago - I remember picking up the leaves we used for week L right before we made our project for week A.

We finished up these projects a few weeks back and have taken a break before we start preschool!! Yes we're going to be homeschooling this fall and we can't wait! I've reorganiz our toy room and made us a little classroom. The D0llar Tr33 has become our best friend.

Below are the slide shows for our last month of ABC's and I'm hoping to update this blog soon with some of our preschool activities.

W is for Whale!!
This project didn't come out exactly as I planned - but then again I never claimed to be an atrist!

X is for Xylaphone!
I LOVED this one! I was so excited when Allie over at NTFFC did this project because I didn't want to go with her Halloween X-ray. Everyone loved this one and I was really impressd how well they did following directions.

A Yellow Y!
There's not much to do with a Y - so we followed Allie's lead again and made a "Y"ellow Y.

Z is for Zebra!
We finished up our ABC projects with a "Z"ebra. No on wanted to make stripes - but they really enjoyed the white paint on the black paper!

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