Monday, December 8, 2008

Letter of the week - H

Last week was letter "H" - we were lazy!  Lorelei wasn't really interested in the "H"eart H so I did most of it.  However when we did the "H"ippo a few days later she was all over it!  I put on the head and then she choose where to put the rest - you can't see the tail because it went on the back, right where a tail would go of course!!

Since we went two weeks in a row without Lorelei really being that interested we're going to take a break from the letter themed projects and just do Christmas themed stuff until after the New Year, I think we both need a bit of a break!


Stacia said...

Ok...I thought you were taking a break? Stop already. You're making me feel lazy. ;-) The projects are really cute. Send me the link for the hippo.

Slick said...

Breaks are what everyone needs.

I just need more than others :)

Hope all is well with you!