Monday, December 1, 2008

Reason #7 why I hate my husband

a play on my friend Ann's reasons why she loves hers - and why I'm going to steal him away someday! (kidding Ann!)

Last night after he came home from a full day of hunting to a venison stew cooking on the stove and fresh homemade bread on the cutting board the bastard had the balls to tell me he could tell I used store brand cream of mushroom soup and request I buy the name brand in the future.
He survived but will be eating mac n' cheese for dinner for the next week and a half. 

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Anabelle said...

(kidding Ann!)

No you not... but thanks for at least trying to act like you are :) hahahaha

i'd ahve killed him too lol

if it makes you feel any better, the other morning I took the recycling out. It was piled so high I could barely carry it all myself. It was freezing out and I was in my slippers still with no coat.

Once I got out to the bins, I realized that the plastic bin was so full I couln't fit my stuff into it. So I begrudgingly just dumped it into the dumpster.

Boo gave me crap about it all weekend... "why didn't you come in and get a bag?" "If you put it in a bag they'll pick it up anyways" blah blah blah.

WTF... i took it out didn't I???