Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm not sure why I'm bothering with this - anyone who reads this blog I've either talked to about letterboxing, e-mailed about letterboxing or actually gone letterboxing with!

But since I'm bored tonight and all the kids are in bed I'm blogging anyway :)

I think I have a new obsession - if I didn't have 3 kids to drag around with me I'd be doing this all day! Letterboxing is kinda like a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt with hiking mixed in. Check it out here or here.

My friend Ann totally stole it from me and is kicking my ass with the boxes she's found. But we did get out together with the kids yesterday - below is a little slide show of our day. Oh and apparently SLIDE changed their options or something 'cuz I have no idea why that song is playing - but can't figure out how to remove it! *thanks Ann!!!*


Anabelle said...

hahaha you sent it to me... you should know me well enough to know I run with things quickly hehe

oh and to remove the song, on the right hand side where you select the style, skins, themes etc, there is a music link.. if you click it, you can hit remve.. and it takes the song off.

It irks me that they automatically add it.... i have to remove it every time!

Katherine Marie! said...

I've never heard of this before?!! This sounds wildly fun and fantastic.