Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a differance 17-months and 3-days makes

Today Sadie and John are the exact same age Lorelei was when they were born - 17-months and 3-days (case you didn't get that!)
I can't believe how much has changed in that time. It's just unreal to me that so little time has gone by but so much has changed. I was getting out some clothing for Sadie from storage and Sadie is now wearing the clothes Lorelei was wearing when Sadie was born - WOW!!!

I'd post some now and then pics - but my MACbook crashed again so I'm now the proud owner of a Gateway laptop, lovin' it but I haven't yet figure out how to get my old pics loaded. Oh and I keep forgetting to spellcheck (my MAC did that for me) so please forgive me.

Anyway here's a few of the most recent pics of the kids. I just love them!!!

Oh and we'll be getting back to the Letter of the Week soon enough - we've been enjoying the time outside now that the weather is nice!

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Anabelle said...

ha! loving the little flannel shirt.. so stinking cute!