Friday, March 27, 2009

Well that makes a lot of f*cking sense!

I went to my local W@l-M@rt yesterday in search of a new spring jacket for Lorelei.  She's now in 3T and no one gives hand-me-downs that big - it starts out great but then people seem to forget that you always need new clothes.


I dragged the kids to the store and started looking in the baby/toddler section - mumbling to myself wondering why I couldn't find any jackets.

The sales lady comes over - OK in truth she just yelled over from her seat in front of the bottles and sippy cups she's apparently counting - "What kinda jacket you lookin' for hun?" 
"Spring jackets for this one" I reply pointing to Lorelei  
She grunts while she stands up and says "Oh we ain't got none of 'dem in yet" 
I look around at the bathing suits, tank tops and shorts and say "Really?  You've got bathing suits in already but no spring jackets?  That sure makes a lot of sense huh?"

I f*cking hate w@l-m@rt!


Anabelle said...

Target has a lovely selection :)

stacia said...

Ha! That sounds like Walmart.