Wednesday, March 11, 2009

funny things my kid did today

L - "I wanna have some chocolate 'cuz I peed on the potty"
Me - "OK you can have a piece of chocolate"
L - (horrified) "NO MUMMA!  I no wanna piece of chocolate I wanna whole one!"

L - "Mumma what this?" - said while taking a tampon out of the box.
Me - "Oh you don't need that, those are for ladies"
L - "Oh like Lady and the Tramp?"
Me - (snickering) "Yea just like Lady and the Tramp"
L - "Oh, 'den 'dis one Lady, and 'dis one Tramp and 'dis one Scamp" - said while removing a super, regular and lite - in that order.


Anabelle said...

Nice lol

Rowan found an old box of condoms today.. and proceeded to read the instructions while I was downstairs... she came down asking me what this thing was for Daddys peepee., (visual instructions)

oh and the capcha for this comment it skingerc hehehhee

Stacia said...

LOL. I love it.