Sunday, March 1, 2009

Letter of the week - O

No wonder I get no google hits - dam I'm boring!  :)

We worked on Letter "O" this week.  Everyone liked making the "O"ctopus, although John did get a little pissed when the tissue paper got stuck to his fingers.  Lorelei and I made the "O"wl this morning - I printed it out on Wednesday but she was not interested, so it sat on the counter until she was.  I was very impressed with her!  She did it "right" today - now I know I'm not supposed to make her do it right, it's supposed to be about learning.  I know that and I usually let her do the projects how she wants - however this morning I showed her how to put the glue just on the side of the wings so they would stick out and she said "Oh, OK mumma!", same with the tail!  I was impressed - we'll see how it goes next week!

We're going to skip a few weeks on this - we'll be doing some St. Patty's Day projects for a few weeks and then mumma goes on vacation!  I'm sure daddy will do some projects so I'll be sure to get those up when I get back.

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Katherine Marie! said...

I am enjoying your projects!!! It's fun seeing all your kiddos with their art---From coloring to eating... it's all great fun, isn't it?

Keep up the incredible projects!!! :):)