Friday, October 24, 2008

Letter of the week - C

Well it seems that this little "lesson plan" of mine is keeping me pretty busy!  I haven't had time for much other than doing or thinking of our projects.  

This week we focused on letter "C" - Lorelei picked the sign up quickly and is starting to show me them in order when I ask. She had a harder time with the sound this week since "C" can sound different depending on the word, but was still enthusiastic when it came to finding things around the house starting with "C".

My idea-blog made cookies for their C week - but Lorelei loves Cows and Cars so we went with that instead.  She was so excited when we pasted that cow head on - she immediately knew what it was.  We made some recycled crayons out of all our old broken ones, she had fun taking the foil off but was a little confused at first.  Once I showed her how to use them she thought they were pretty neat!  We also made a Carrot cake which was a first for me!  Came out great if I do say so myself - but when you start with 2 cups of sugar and a cup and a half of oil you can't really go wrong.  Finally this morning we made a recycled car out of a juice box.  I made one myself last night to show her what we were going to do, which was the first time I've done that.  I was so proud of her, she looked at the one I had done and put the glue in the right spots and glued on the wheels all by herself!  They didn't really come out like I envisioned, but she knew it as supposed to be a car so good enough for us!

Next week we're on to letter "D" - we're going to make a "D"ragon and I think I'm going to try some donuts, which are her favorite!

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