Friday, October 10, 2008

Letter of the week - A

We've come to the end of our first letter.

Lorelei really enjoyed the week and it gave me a bit of direction as opposed to just getting up in the morning and trying to think of something to do!  

We started the week with taking pictures of things around the house that started with A and making the first page of our personalized Alphabet book, we also completed a fun art project using the letter A as a subject.  My friend Ann gave me the great idea of also introducing the sign for our letter of the week which Lorelei picked up quickly!  I decided to add in a little field trip as well so today we headed Apple picking which was a hit!

I can't wait for Monday so we can start on the letter B - I've already got a few pictures for the book!

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Monica LeMoine said...

I like the letter of the week idea. Might try something like that for my writing students.