Monday, February 2, 2009

Letter of the week - L

We finally got to use the leave that Lorelei and I picked up back in October when we started this whole "letter of the week" project ideas! 

I was so excited - unfortunately Lorelei really didn't care much.  But she tried and we had fun just the same.  Sadie was only allowed one leave because she kept crunching them and eating them (surprise!) - but she liked it and seemed to understand a little about what to do with the glue.  John as usual loved it and was more than excited to put the leaves down.  He got into the marker eating a bit, but tried to use the glue himself which was so cute.

Lorelei and I finally made it to story hour at the Library, which just happened to coincide with "L" week.  I forgot my camera but she enjoyed the story and was very happy to learn she got to do a project when it was done, we'll be going every week now which will be nice for us to have some time alone, together.

The only other "L" project we did was the "L"ion I found here - and Daddy was home that night so he participated as well.  She didn't like the tail, which I thought was adorable, so I snuck it on after she went to bed :)

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