Sunday, September 28, 2008

gone country

So yea, I like country.  

It started in 2002 when I won tickets to see Alan Jackson - I had no idea who he was I was just excited to go to a concert at the new Arena so I put my name in for the tickets and won.  Chuck told me who he was so I started listening to WOKQ and was hooked, some days it's a little too whiney for me so I switch back to rock, but most days I'm a country girl.

A year or so ago Chuck was in the car with me when a Brad Paisley song came on.  Chuck being the musician he is loved the guitar rifts and went so far as to buy his newest CD - then one night after a few beers decided to join his fan club.  I gave him shit for weeks about that.  However I ate my words on Thursday when we went to his show and had AWESOME seats - a benefit of being a member of the fan club is advanced ticket purchase!  We were sitting right next to the "cat walk" type stage that goes out into the crowd - you know the one that they walk down and high-5 the fans, yea that one!  I was actually leaning on it most of the night.  it was sweet! 

And for your viewing pleasure - and to make the other BP fans jealous - here's a slide show.

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Tina said...

I am a country music lover, too. I like all types of music but for the most part I listen to country. I love Brad Paisley, too. Does Chuck like the guitar, Jim has 18 guitars and loves to play. He also likes drums, keyboards and anything that makes music. Wyatt is following in his footsteps, he has a guitar and goes around playing and singing. You rock, a concert is a great night out!