Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Servings per container

I've never really paid much attention to the servings per container - I'll sometimes check the calorie count which of course includes the number of servings, but I've never really looked at how many servings there are in reference to will there be enough to feed my family.

Saturday night we had chicken on the grill and I threw in one of those Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers in the microwave.  When I started serving it I realized we didn't have much for left overs - when I checked the bag sure enough there are only 4 servings - there are 5 of us!

So I started checking my cupboard - here's what I found:

Mac n' Cheese - 3 servings per box 
Loaf of bread - 18 1-slice servings per loaf (that's over a half loaf just to make a sandwich a person!)
Cocoa Krispies - 15 servings a box (that's a box  a week if we eat it every morning *which we don't!*)
Gallon on milk - 16 servings (at 3 glasses a day per kid that's over a gallon every other day!)

Right now my older daughter only eats about a half serving and the twins are splitting another half serving - but soon enough everyone is going to be eating a full serving and that means to feed everyone I'll need to cook double batches!  And really does anyone eat just one serving anyway?  Just this morning we made eggs for everyone for the first time and cooked 6!

And I thought formula was expensive - yikes!


Ann said...

HA! well you could be Kate and Nate plus eight... yikes lol

ann said...

derr..... john and kate..

Monica LeMoine said...

Yeah, servings per container make me laugh out loud. Where do they come up with these "servings" anyway? I mean, a serving of Fritos is like ten chips or something? That's like one biteful. Or a serving of Grapenuts is 1/2 cup. That's NUTHin!