Monday, September 8, 2008

Praise from a 2 year-old

Lately my 2 year-old has been telling me when I do a good job.  It's so sweet! 

A few weeks back we were painting pictures and I showed her mine and she said "Wow, wow mumma.  Really good job mumma!".  Then again yesterday I made pancakes (my "weakest link" if you will) and was all bummed out about how they turned out, and when she tried hers she said "mmmmm, really good job mumma!". 

I got all teared up - I guess I must be a doing an OK job with her, because she obviously learned this from me.  Also they are honest at this age.  So there's nothing like praise from a 2 year-old.


Monica LeMoine said...

That is so sweet, full time mumma.Sometimes I feel like I"m living vicarious thru your kids, hearing and imagining things my son would have said to me. So thanks for that! Glad you have such nice kids. ;-)

Monica LeMoine said...

Hi Lis, I still can't figure out how to respond directly to people's fascinating commments on my blog, such as the one you left today to 2008 e(r)ection. But I am posting a response to you now in the comment section of that post, so check back later!