Tuesday, November 4, 2008

5 things I hate about Hunting Season

5.  How long it is - there's like 152 different seasons depending on what you hunt and where you live.

4.  The Butt Out

3. How expensive it is - and that's just the license fees, that doesn't include the ammo, new stands, new calls or the camouflage clothing he's got to repurchase every year because god forbid he be caught in last years styles!  (yea 'cuz you know the trees change every year right?)

2. How my husband justifies the expense but saying "we need the meat".  He went on a goose hunting trip with his brother a few months back and it cost him close to $250 - do you know how much steak, hamburger, chicken and ground turkey I can get in the grocery store for $250?  Trust me a lot more than the 6 or so goose breasts he got - which he has yet to pick up from his brothers house!

1.  How my husband can't get his ass out of bed earlier than 7:30 for work and never leaves before 8:30, yet can be up, showered, dressed in full hunting gear, out of the house and in his deer stand by 5AM during hunting season.


Anabelle said...

HAHA my dad has hunted my whole life and i've never seen a "butt out" that's disgusting HAHAHAHA

You should see how expensive Racecar Driving is lol

theadorable3 said...

Can you use that "butt out" tool on husbands?