Thursday, November 13, 2008

do people actually by this?

My 2-year old is having some poop trouble lately - so bad that she runs to me screaming every time she has to go.  So last night I was on a quest for Apple Juice.  We don't drink much juice in the house --- correction the KIDS don't drink much juice, I'm addicted and I figure it's better than the Budwiser I'd rather be drinking at 10AM.  

So anyway, last night I went to the grocery store to pick up some apple juice.  I'm a bigger bargain hunter than ever lately so I really study labels, prices and quantity now.  I'm also trying to get a better handle on the amount of sugar my kids are consuming.  

While perusing the juice isle I saw this product, what draw me to it was the 40% less sugar claim.  I was intrigued so I took it down from the top shelf to take a closer look.  Do you see what I see on the bottom of the package?  The part you can't see when it's perched high up on the shelf.  Yea that part - the part that says "Apple juice + purified water".  

HELLO people - don't you get it?  Of course there's 40% less sugar - there's 40% less juice!!! You're paying for less apple juice and more water - at twice the price no doubt!  

Since the water coming from my tap is purified already I bought the store brand apple juice and will water it down - viola 40% less sugar.  

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