Sunday, November 16, 2008

Letter of the week - F

It was another busy week for us!  Sadie and John turned 1 on Thursday and we had a party for them on Saturday (post to follow I promise!)  But we managed to work in a few "F" projects anyway.  
We made this "F"udge - it was quick and easy but not as tasty as I hoped - we might try it again using peanut-butter chips instead.  I slacked quite a bit on the sign this week so we're going to have to work on that along with "G" next week.  She loved making the "F"lowers - mostly for the glitter she got to use.  They didn't come out exactly as I expected, but I used craft foam instead of paper which added too much weight - but they are still pretty cute and sitting on the table as the new centerpiece.

I'm starting to see some real results with this little project of ours - we saw and Elephant on TV the other day and when I asked her what letter it started with she answered "E mumma!" without hesitation.  She also informed me that she wanted a snack - which she told me started with S, we haven't even got to S yet!

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Slick said...

She's gonna be a modern day female Picasso if ya'll keep this up! :)