Saturday, November 1, 2008

Letter of the week - D

We didn't get as many letter themed projects done this week - we had a busy week with visiting with gee-gee, toddler gym and trick-or-treating!

Lorelei had a hard time with the "D" sign - but since I've always been doing it wrong myself I can see why!  Once she figured it out though she was good to go.  She did get a little confused with the picture of the "D"ogs - since she of course saw it and said "Abby and Ruger!" but I thought it was a good opportunity to point out how they had names different from what they were.

She loved making the "D"ragon!  This week I printed off the finished project from the blog and left it out for her to see.  She was able to do the entire project (with the exception of drawing the "D" and the cutting) all by herself!  She even made the little eye - I was very proud of her!

Next week it's on to "E"!  We'll be making a cute "E"lephant and a tasty "E"gg dish that my friend Kim used to make and I haven't had for a while.  


Anabelle said...

very nice! did you end up making "D"onuts???

theadorable3 said...

OK, my hero, you have made it to D. I can't even make it to A, much less the concept of starting something like this. You are a wonderful SAHM to your children. Keep up the good work, your are doing a great job!